Practice Performance Analysis

Medical Practice Collection Performance Analysis


Almost every medical practice owner we have ever spoken with believed that they were maximizing their collection rate. It’s not that they don’t have a good handle on the business aspects of their medical practice; it’s that this industry is wrought with “cracks” in the process that facilitate “revenue leakage.”


Consider a robust medical practice:

  • A strong practice, good daily patient count and cash flow.
  • Collecting at 95% of their total entitled reimbursement revenue.
  • Actual collections based on contracted rates and patient pay = $375,000
  • What if you could pick up another 3% or 4% of that “leakage” – written off A/R, missed secondary payer
  • opportunity, missed payer contract negotiation opportunities, etc. ?
  • That would be another $22,500 - $30,000. Pure Profit.
  • You already paid all of your expenses and obligations using the first $375,000.


Rather than just focusing on the collected, Glenwood Systems focuses on the uncollected – a unique philosophy.


Each analysis is individual and confidential:


  1. We start with a mutual confidentiality agreement.

  2. This is followed by an in-depth questionnaire:

    1. We’ll need to know about your practice

    2. We’ll review your A/R by Payer

    3. We’ll review your Monthly Billing Reports

    4. We’ll review your billing cost and efficiencies

  3. When the Analysis is completed Glenwood will present you with our findings including an estimate of your potential gain along with the solutions we believe will best fit your individual circumstances.


Let us provide you a no-cost, no-obligation Practice Analysis.


It all starts when you click on this link and complete the request for more information.


Is a press of a button worth finding an extra $30,000 of new profit?