Medical Billing Services

Glenwood Systems has provided medical billing services to medical practices and Surgi-centers since 1998. Our goal has always been to enable our customers to meet a 99% collection rate.

We don’t give up when other billers do and we don’t get paid until after you do. Glenwood’s medical billing success is founded on attention to detail, follow-up, customer service and a strong understanding how “the system” works.

Glenwood believes collecting on a claim is better than writing it off and sometimes this takes longer. We also believe that you the client should know the status of claims real time. Our software allows you, our customer, to drill down and see real time where a claim is in the billing process.

We understand specialty billing intricacies and specialize in hard to bill such as Workers Comp, PIP, Pain Management, Psychiatry and much more.

Glenwood offers programs to assist in-house billers as well as full outsourced billing service. We’re always available to keep your cash flow smooth and we don’t take vacations or quit on you.

Call Us Today at 888-452-2363 to schedule a conversation with one of our BDMs and learn how we can improve your collection rate!