GlaceBasic - Outsourced Medical Billing for the Billing Efficient 
Medical Practice

You care about Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices!

Earn Billing Discount Rewards When Your Office Uses RCM Best

Your office is modern and efficient, you want the most cost effective Medical Practice Billing Model, an experienced billing company and you care about billing costs but you don't want the headache of in-office billing.

GlaceBasic is an outsourced billing service provided by Glenwood Systems. GlaceBasic is designed for committed Physicians and medical practices utilizing an efficient revenue cycle management process which includes strict patient insurance validation and patient pay protocol. It is not suitable for practices with heavy workers compensation or a hospital / nursing home with a patient base greater than 30%.

Glenwood's GlaceBasic provides you full billing cycle management. We handle all of the billing functions - daily submissions through patient statements, electronic posting and reconciliation, and a billing call center for your patient's billing questions. We'll also provide you all of the reporting tools to make the process transparent.

Glenwood Systems never takes a vacation or a sick day; we work to drive your collection rate to 99% of your eligible collections and we're even willing to reward you with billing fee discounts if you establish and use a billing best practice policy in your office!

Glenwood's GlaceBilling system includes scheduling software, insurance eligibility checking capability via Ingenix and practice management software (billing software / reporting).

GlaceBasic can be bolted onto your existing EMR system provided your EMR communicates in HL7 – and we'll do the connection for you FREE. Keep your beloved EMR and get the best billing service.

If your practice does not have an EMR or elects not to build the bridge, your office is required to load the demographics and charges or provide them in an electronic Excel or HL7 file.

GlaceBasic is available at a variable monthly rate of 3% - 5% of collections with a monthly minimum of $1000 per Physician. Initially each client will start at a rate of 5% of collections; implement and execute Glenwood's 5 billing best practices and reduce your fee to 3%.

Glenwood is so committed to supporting the Physician's use of best practice processes that we have created a Dashboard Application for the Physician's Smartphone so that he or she may monitor office performance on the run!

Call Glenwood Today to learn more about how GlaceBasic can improve efficiency, revenue and patient care in your medical practice; all for a low price that financially rewards the effort you and your staff put into maintaining efficient revenue management!


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