Medical Practice Marketing Consult

It should be simple - see more patients, make more money.
Make patients & peers aware of your service and see more patients.
Provide strong customer service & your patients & peers will send you more patients.

Reimbursement is decreasing, costs are going up and competition is building. Hospitals are buying practices, physicians are competing for patients, and physician salaries are decreasing.

You don't have to be one of the physician casualties. To grow a medical practice, patients and non-competing peers need to be aware of the business, believe the medical practice value proposition deserves the patient's business or peer's referral, be satisfied with the overall customer experience and remember your practice is there when needed.

The premise is basic; the execution is multi-channel in two parts, acquisition and retention.

  • Physicians provide a service to a target customer base.
  • Increase the number of customers and/or the number of services and watch the increase in practice revenue.
  • Provided your schedule is not full, there are no additional daily medical practice operational costs.
    • If the schedule is full, there are alternative service models that can be profitable.
  • Make your patients and referring peers ambassadors for your practice. It is not just good enough to keep a patient; your patient should be happy to refer your services. Referring peers need to be managed to keep the symbiotic relationship strong.

Marketing you medical practice effectively requires effort and resources. Each medical practice has different levels of marketing needs.

In short, the market needs to be aware of your presence and reminded of your presence on a regular basis. When a patient or referring peer thinks “Doctor,” you should be at the top of their mind.

Invest in your growth!

Glenwood Systems has 29 years of sales and marketing experience to help your medical practice increase your patient base.

  • We will work with you and build a program that you can afford.
  • Each medical practice has different needs, resources and value propositions.
  • No single solution is appropriate for every medical practice.
  • We can help you build awareness and retention strategies with executable plans.
  • YOU need to take the first step and call us.


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